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Precision CNC Brass Parts Customized Machining for Brass Components

Precision CNC Brass Parts Customized Machining for Brass Components

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    Customized Machining CNC Brass Parts


    Precision CNC Brass Components


    Precision CNC Brass Parts

  • Processing_method
    CNC Machining
  • Dimension
  • Color
  • Port
  • Application
    Electronic Components
  • Material
  • Delivery_time
    7-15 Days
  • Supply_ability
    10000 Pieces/Month
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number

Precision CNC Brass Parts Customized Machining for Brass Components

Product Description:

Our Computer-operated Brass Parts are customized according to your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the exact product you need. With our advanced technology and equipment, we are able to produce parts with tolerances as tight as ±0.01mm.

The dimension of our CNC-machined Brass Parts is completely customizable, allowing us to create the perfect product for your unique needs. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure that the parts meet your exact specifications.

In addition to their high precision and accuracy, our CNC Brass Parts are also lightweight, making them ideal for a variety of applications. We offer shipping from our port in Shenzhen, ensuring that you receive your parts in a timely and efficient manner.

Our CNC Brass Parts are also surface-treated with polishing, ensuring that they have a smooth and polished finish. This not only enhances their appearance but also provides additional protection against wear and tear.

Whether you need CNC Brass Parts for the automotive, electronics, or any other industry, we have the expertise and equipment to create the perfect product for you. Contact us today to learn more about our range of high-quality CNC Brass Parts.


Whether you need to create complex shapes or intricate designs, these Computer-simulated Brass Parts are up to the task. They are perfect for use in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, and more. Their versatility and durability make them a favorite among engineers and designers alike.

These CNC-fabricated Brass Parts are available with flexible payment_term options, including T/T, PayPal, and Western Union. They come packaged in a Standard Export Package to ensure safe delivery to your doorstep. And with a delivery_time of 7-15 days, you won't have to wait long to receive your order.

Some of the most common Product Application Occasions and Scenarios for these CNC-fabricated Brass Parts include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Aerospace components
  • Medical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Robotics

Whether you're looking for a replacement part, or need to create a custom design from scratch, these CNC-fabricated Brass Parts are the perfect solution. Their precision and durability make them a reliable choice for any project.


Our CNC-fabricated Brass Parts are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your project. As an expert in CNC-manufactured Brass Parts, our brand ywy is dedicated to providing high-quality products that are made to last. Our Model Number cnc404 is manufactured in Guangdong Huizhou, where we ensure strict quality control measures are in place to produce parts that meet your exact specifications.

We offer a variety of surface treatments, including Polishing, to enhance the appearance and durability of your parts. Our standard export package ensures that your order is safely shipped to you, and we accept various payment terms, including T/T, PayPal, and Western Union.

Our port of shipment is located in Shenzhen, which allows us to efficiently send out your custom orders. Our Computer-controlled Brass Parts are made with high-quality Brass material to ensure longevity and durability. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help you create the perfect CNC-fabricated Brass Parts for your needs.

Support and Services:

Our CNC Brass Parts are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. We offer technical support and services to ensure that our customers have a smooth and trouble-free experience with our products.

Our technical support team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our CNC Brass Parts. We can provide guidance on installation, operation, and maintenance to ensure that your parts are working efficiently and effectively.

In addition to technical support, we also offer a range of services to help our customers get the most out of their CNC Brass Parts. This includes custom design and manufacturing services to meet your specific needs, as well as repair and replacement services to keep your parts working at their best.

At every step of the way, our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Contact us today to learn more about our technical support and services for our CNC Brass Parts.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

  • The CNC brass parts will be carefully packed in individual plastic bags to prevent any scratches or damage during transportation.
  • All the parts will be placed in a sturdy cardboard box with cushioning material to ensure they are secured and protected.
  • The box will be labeled with the product name, quantity, and any other relevant information.

Product Shipping:

  • The CNC brass parts will be shipped via a reputable courier service.
  • The shipping cost will be calculated based on the weight and destination of the package.
  • The estimated delivery time will be provided to the customer upon checkout.
  • The customer will receive a tracking number to track the package during transit.


What is the brand name of this product?

The brand name of this product is ywy .


What is the model number of this product?

The model number of this product is cnc404 .


Where is this product made?

This product is made in Guangdong Huizhou .


What material is used to make these CNC Brass Parts?

These CNC Brass Parts are made of high-quality brass material.


What is the lead time for delivery of this product?

The lead time for delivery of this product varies depending on the quantity ordered and the destination country. Please contact our customer service team for more information.