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3D Scanning Reverse Engineering CNC Precision Machined Parts Tolerance 0.05mm

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering CNC Precision Machined Parts Tolerance 0.05mm

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    Tolerance 0.05mm CNC Precision Machined Parts


    Tolerance 0.05mm CNC Precision Machining Parts


    3D Scanning Reverse Engineering CNC Parts

  • Material Capabilities
    Plastic, Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Titanium,Copper, Bronze
  • Surface Treatment
    Electroplating, Polish, Sand Blast, Anodize, E-Coating, Passivation, Tumbling,Laser Engraving
  • Process
    Cnc Turning, Automatic Lathe, Lathe
  • Tolerance
    0.05mm, ISO2768M, ISO2768F
  • Product Name
    CNC Machining Parts, Precision Cnc Machined Components
  • Key Word
    Custom Metal Milling Aluminum Stainless Steel CNC Machining Service Chrome Plating Parts
  • Place of Origin
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    10 PCS
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Use quality double wall boxes ,5mm distance between content and walls. Pack each order into a separate box. Wrap each part separately with packaging material and fill all void space. Place a sticker with part number on wrapped parts. Seal all edge and seam
  • Supply Ability
    50000 PSC per 20 days

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering CNC Precision Machined Parts Tolerance 0.05mm

Cnc Precision Machined Parts Parts Drawing Modification 3D Scanning Reverse Engineering



Product Description


We XinBo Precision has been engaged producing and supplying all kinds of CNC Milling parts over 10 years. Our flagship products include Brackets, Covers, Housings, etc. Conforming to all customer’s prints and the tolerance standard: ISO2768m, ISO2768f. These product supports a variety of applications, including chemical equipment, automotive industry, consumer electronics, etc.

Except CNC machining, we also provide one stop solutions like heat treatment, finishing, assembly and inspection.


Since we have CMM, so we can do the parts with GD&T requirements, we also accept the parts with special finishing requirements, for example musk partial surface and anodize at the rest surface, or extrude and saw to get the work blank, then machining.


Name Custom manufacturing service, CNC turning parts, Custom CNC Machining.

Polytetrafluoroethylene, Delrin Acetal Homo-plymer, High-density Polyethylene, Polycarbonate,

, Acetal, Delrin, Nylon

Surface Treatment As Machined
Tolerance ISO2768m, ISO2768f, +-0.05mm.
Testing equipment CMM; Tool Microscope; Automatic Height Gauge; Manual Height Gauge; Dial gauge; Screw Gauge; Plug Gauge; Micrometer; Marble platform; Roughness Measurement
Processing CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC Machining, Grinding, EDM Wire Cutting, Sink EDM
File Formats Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), IGS,STP, PDF,TIF etc.
Service Project Free design review(DFM report), Production And Technical Service.
Roughness Ra0.8, Ra1.6,Ra3.2.

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering CNC Precision Machined Parts Tolerance 0.05mm 0


Machining Equipment


We have strategically acquired a robust fleet of precision equipment in order to enhance our ability to meet any customer request. Our professional operators and shop personnel have been trained and remain up-to-date on all mechanical processes.


Name Module Range Brand Origin Qty. Precision
CNC Milling VMC850/VMC1270 V500-1270mm Baoming/Baojia/Weikun China 26 0.02mm
CNC Milling 4 axis 200mm BangBang China 5 0.005mm
CNC Milling 5 axis 200mm BangBang China 1 0.005mm
CNC Milling S500X1 500*400*300 Brother Japan 2 0.005mm
Automatic Lathe MC7036B/MC7020XE 1-100mm ZhongTai China 8 0.01mm
CNC Lathe VT-17L 215*470mm Alex-Tech Taiwan 1 0.002mm
Turn-mill Combination B0203-III 1-46mm TSGAMI Japan 4 0.002mm
Surface Grinder PSGC-4080 AHR 400*800mm Proth Taiwan 2 0.002mm
Grinder 520 200*400mm Taizheng China 6 0.005mm
Mill Machine 3# 200*1000mm Jietongda China 8 0.02mm
High Speed Wire Cut   200*500mm Jicheng China 4 0.02mm
Medium Speed Wire Cut DK7732C-C 320*400mm Baoma China 4 0.01mm
Laser Engrave Machine G20   Cherrywoolf China 1  
Other equipment:Drill machine, Tapper, Polisher, EDM puncher, Ultrasonic cleaner, Sand blaster machine, Saw machine, Magnetic grinder.





What’s is the tricky CNC parts:

1. Too large parts, it need large CNC machine to work on it, in CNC machining area, the number of large CNC machine is much lower than normal CNC parts.

2. Too long, too thin parts, the parts will have deformation or shaking in the machining process, it’s easily failed.

3. Hollowed parts with high GD&T requirements parts, especially when the parts wall thickness is small, it’s hard to keep the GD&T.

4. Two or more finish on one part, for example, only partial surface have to be anodized, the normal way is to anodize the whole part, then remove the surface by machining on the surface which can’t be in anodize, it will increase the machining time.

5. The parts with extremely high tolerance, for the extremely precision parts, the part’s stress relief has to be taken into consideration, if the stress is not took into consideration, its hard to meet the tolerance.

6. Big part with very low quantity, some times the mistake is unavoidable to make the first part, so we have to prepare more than 2 times of material, that will increase the cost, especially for the big part, their material cost is high.